Pillows for Neck Problems

Best Pillow for Neck Problems Reviews in 2020

If your neck is out of alignment or has been injured, then you know what it is like to stay awake all night with throbbing or piercing pain. You can’t sleep right that way. Often, your pillow plays a role in your neck’s health.

I have set out to find the best pillows for those with neck problems. These pillows help correct neck pain by aligning your neck, preventing your neck from sinking or kinking, and supporting the weight of your head. You will gain so much relief by using them.

Your pillow plays a role in your neck’s health
Your pillow plays a role in your neck’s health

Here are the five best pillows for neck pain in 2020. Read on to find your next pillow and the pain-free sleep you deserve.

Best Pillows for Neck Pain Reviews 2020

1. Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Overview: Made by a trusted brand, this pillow is made of cool shredded memory foam to conform to your neck and support your cervical spine. It is sure to never go flat. You can adjust the shape and loft to your liking.

Best for:

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain


  • Washable removable cover
  • Never go flat technology
  • Cooling technology, adjustable


  • Stays as lofty as you want
  • Easy to care for
  • Soft
  • Eco-friendly


  • Bad odor

This pillow has a normal appearance but I could feel that it was different. The material was unrelenting the first night, but soon it caved to fit my neck perfectly. I had trouble sleeping on it at first but once it conformed to my neck, I slept like a baby and never woke up with neck pain!

2. Sleep Factory Premium Down and Feather Pillow

Sleep Factory Premium Down and Feather Pillow
Sleep Factory Premium Down and Feather Pillow

Overview: Made with luxurious feathers and down locked in place by an interwoven net of cotton, these pillows are hotel grade and extremely supportive. It never goes flat to provide continuous head and neck support. It is hypoallergenic and boasts dual pillow compartments for isolated comfort.

Best for: neck pain, back sleepers, side sleepers

Features: fluffy, supportive, washable, hypoallergenic

Pros: Fluffy, soft, supportive

Cons: Warm

In winter, this pillow is like sleeping on a cloud that holds your neck in place without feeling like anything is there. It is so warm and comfortable. I had very sweet dreams on it. I woke up with no neck pain. However, in summer, the feather and down fill tends to trap heat and I woke up hot a few times. I never had allergies with this pillow, even though usually I get allergies sleeping on feather pillows.

3. Nature’s Best Cervical Support Pillow

Nature’s Best Cervical Support Pillow
Nature’s Best Cervical Support Pillow

Overview: With a cradled design, this adjustable pillow is made explicitly for neck problems. It is doctor recommended and chiropractor approved for neck pain. The gusseted edge provides stability if you toss and turn. There are two zippers to give you access to the adjustable fill inside. You can adjust the fill and the neck roll both. The washable cotton cover encases microfiber designed to keep you cool and supported.

Best for: neck pain, back pain, back sleepers, restless sleepers

Features: Cooling microfiber, washable cotton cover, dual zippers, adjustable microfiber, neck roll, ergonomic design, fits in most standard pillowcases, hypoallergenic, gusseted edge for support

Pros: Supportive, adjustable, holds its shape and stays in place

Cons: Can be too stiff for some

I adjusted this pillow to a medium thickness but it was too stiff so I added more fill. The result was a marvelous night of easy sleep and no neck pain. I slept through the night and woke up in the morning feeling relaxed and rested. After some washing, the pillow is still in great condition and holds its shape. During summer, it stays cool. I have no allergies using it.

4. UTTU Sandwich Pillow – Editor’s Choice!

UTTU Sandwich Pillow
UTTU Sandwich Pillow

Overview: UTTU dynamic foam comprises this cervical pillow with a unique dipped design. It is adjustable between 4.7” and 3.9”. The foam is designed to never get hard in winter and stay cool in summer. It never goes flat. The hypoallergenic bamboo cover is soft and washable. Certipur-certified and USA-made, this pillow will never cause allergies or sickness.

Best for: neck pain, side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, shoulder pain

Features: Ergonomic design, patented foam, bamboo cover, never goes flat, adjustable

Pros: Comfortable, supportive, consistent, adjustable

Cons: Bad odor when unpacked

I could not believe what a difference this pillow made in my life. It fit perfectly into the hunch between my shoulders and neck, where it cradled my head and let me fall asleep soundly. It stayed in place and stayed cool all night. I didn’t wake up once. In the morning, I felt great. I have noticed since using it that my neck pain is drastically improving. My back feels better, too, and I need fewer massages. Several months later, it still has not gone flat.

5. Polar Sleep Memory Foam Pillow with Charcoal Contour

Polar Sleep Memory Foam Pillow
Polar Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

Overview: This pillow has a shape that contours to your neck’s natural curve. It is infused with charcoal to provide odor relief and constant coolness. The open air cell foam also keeps it cool. It is certified by Certipur and ISPA. It does not get hard with cold weather and offers alignment for your neck and back.

Best for: neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, back sleepers, side sleepers

Features: Charcoal, memory foam, open cell technology, ergonomic design, never goes flat, beautiful box

Pros: Supportive, conforming, smells great, cool

Cons: No washable cover, slight odor at unpacking

This pillow offered superior neck support and spine alignment. I found it extremely nice to sleep on. The charcoal made a difference in keeping it cool and breathable. You could feel the quality. It arrived vacuum packed and sprang up in a few hours, so it had a slight odor from the packing. The support was a bit lacking after a while, but the pillow is certainly better than nothing.


There is no need to suffer from neck pain any longer. Stop letting it rob you of good sleep and quality of life. Get a pillow for neck problems and see your pain go away! Visit Amazon today to find the best pillow for neck problems.