Best Mattresses For Guest Rooms

Today, we’re going over the best beds for guest rooms. Not everyone has a guest room but for those of you who do you’re obviously gonna want a nice comfy bed for your guests to sleep on. But probably most importantly since you’re not gonna be sleeping on this bed every night. You’re probably not gonna want to spend a ton of money on it. We have a ton of information about every single bed in this list below. Before we get into the beds themselves, let’s just quickly run through all the shipping returns trial periods and warranties for these beds. It’s gonna be generally the same it’s gonna vary from mattress to mattress. But at minimum you’re gonna be getting free shipping at least a 100 night trial period, free returns within that trial period and a 10-year warranty. Because of this trial period you might want to spend a few nights sleeping in your guest room just to make sure that you think your guests will find it comfortable, a trial period is definitely more useful when it’s your every night mattress. But it’s still very consumer friendly nonetheless. Let’s kick this list off in no specific order starting with the Tuft and Needle mattress.

Best 5 Mattresses For Guest Rooms

Tuft & Needle

tuft-needle-mattress This is one of the most popular beds sold online in general. That’s in large part because it’s just a safe accommodating and budget-friendly option. Is a 10 inch thick foam mattress it’s a very simple design it uses two layers of foam, of their proprietary T&N foam on top of that, basically just a softer and more neutral feeling comfort foam. I would bet the vast majority of people who lay down on the top that needle mattress will think it’s generally pretty comfortable, which is exactly what they’re going for it’s. Also a round a medium on our firmness scale which means no matter what position your guest likes to sleep in. If it’s on their back their side of their stomach or a combination of all three. They should be set to go on tough to needle. if your guest is a strict back sleeper they generally prefer a firmer mattress Tufts, maybe might not be their favorite. But you’re giving them a free place to sleep they shouldn’t be complaining. But probably the most appealing part of this mattress is its price tag, it’s one of the most budget-friendly options you can find online.

Brooklyn Signature

Brooklyn Signature Mattress If you’re looking for a generally comfortable affordable hybrid mattress for your guestroom. This is going to be one of your best options you can find online. Brooklyn Bedding as a brand manufacturers a ton of different beds out of their facility in Phoenix Arizona. This is their most popular option. Beds that use coils are just generally more expensive than ones that are made entirely of foam because the materials are expensive. A lot of people out there like coils, because they provide a little more bounce and they’re more well equipped to handle heavier people and support. For a queen-size perk embedding signature the MSRP is said right at about a thousand dollars, but it’s pretty much always on discount they’re very aggressive with their discounts, maybe somewhere around $800 for it. You also get to pick and choose your firmness level with Brooklyn Bedding signature. If you have a guest that stays over regularly you might want to ask them what their preference, but you can get it in a soft a medium and a firm model the firm models. The firm models somewhere around a medium firm and is generally pretty accommodating, it might be a bit too firm for petite side sleepers. The medium is somewhere between a medium and a medium soft and is great for side sleepers. The soft models probably gonna be too soft for most people so we’d recommend you check out those first two. It also has just a generally soft neutral foam feel, it just kind of feels like a blend of different comfort foams with some coils underneath for added bounce and support. I can’t imagine a lot of people thinking this bed is uncomfortable.

Nectar Mattress

Nectar-Mattress This bed is gonna be one of your more budget-friendly memory foam options you’re gonna be able to find. A lot of sleepers out there really like that traditional feel of a memory foam bed and nectars gonna be just that. When you lay down on it it’s gonna feel pretty firm at first, but then I’m gonna slowly start to sink into those top layers of gel memory foam, and it’s going to conform to the shape of your body pretty nicely. If some of your more frequent guests really enjoy the feel of a memory foam mattress they should really love sleeping over in your guest room if you have Nectar. The firmness level of nectar is also pretty accommodating it’s right between a medium to a medium firm (5-7 out of 10). It’s just not an especially soft mattress, another thing to consider with Nectar is that they often run bundle promotions. You pretty much always get at least two free pillows when you buy Necta. The price does tend to change quite a bit, but historically you can get a queen size for somewhere around $800 factoring in all the discounts.

Casper Element

Casper-Element-Mattress You probably heard of Casper as a brand before they’re one of the most recognizable names and online beds, and the ailment mattress is designed to be their most budget-friendly option. The ailment mattress is designed to be their most budget-friendly option its design is very similar to tough to needle it’s also a 10 inch foam bed with two layers of foam a support foam and a comfort foam. Casper element does have one small difference though. Casper element does have one small difference though they have something in their phone they call air escape which is essentially little holes cut out of the foam. That’s designed to increase air flow and make the bed sleep a little cooler. It was pretty darn comfortable firmness wise we have it at a tinge firmer than a medium so that should be just as accommodating as its feel. So many mattress brands talk about their cooling tech in their beds and honestly it often doesn’t amount to much, but with the Casper air escape foam we think it actually does something. It’s not gonna make the bed sleep especially cool but it should do a better job than most it’s staying temperature neutral, and speaking of neutral Casper element has that classic soft neutral foam feel that a lot of sleepers out there are really going to like. It’s only about $600 which is really affordable already and it’s only gonna come down from there and speaking of budget-friendly mattresses.


Allswell-mattress We are consistently surprised by the pricing of this mattress for a queen size you can pick it up for only $375, it will regularly go on discount to bring that price down even more which is pretty crazy, that sort of pricing is usually reserved for all foam beds you can buy on Amazon. Also all is actually owned by Walmart so you’re getting a bed from one of the largest retailers in the world. It actually uses coils so you’re gonna be getting plenty of support, and bounce with this bed as well like a Brooklyn bedding signature also has more of that classic neutral foam feel. It does use a very thin layer of memory foam in its construction so some sleepers might notice it a little bit, but you shouldn’t get really much of if any of that sinking feeling on although. It is a bit firmer than your average bed, we have it somewhere between a medium and a medium firm (5-7 out of 10), probably closer to a medium firm. So it might not be ideal for petite side sleepers, but I think most everyone will be just fine. Keep in mind that firmness is a bit subjective, f you’re a bigger person like me you’ll probably be able to sleep totally fine on your side on all’s well. If you’re a little more petite might not be ideal. But sense is for your guestroom you can’t really be expected to have a perfect mattress for everyone.


This was a pretty tough list to put together because we’ve reviewed a lot of affordable accommodating mattresses. But we think if you pick any of these five beds your guests are gonna be sleep and happy in your house.