5 Best Silk Pillowcases

Benefits of silk

All silk is much less absorbent as compared to say cotton for example. That means when you lay your head on your silk pillowcase at night, it’s keeping all that good moisture locked inside your hair and skin which again many praised for its beauty benefits.

Additionally because silk fabric is impeccably smooth and doesn’t crease, you’re much less likely to wake up with those sleep lines on your face which is a perk that. A lot of folks say can guard against wrinkles which brings a little anti-aging element to skin

Best Silk Pillowcases



The first silk pillowcase we’re looking at is the mulberry silk pillowcase from Brooklyn, and for me this basically checks all the boxes of a good quality silk pillowcase.

Firstly as the name suggests it’s made from 100% mulberry silk which is widely considered to be the highest quality of silk available. This is because mulberry silk threads are longer finer rounder and tend to be more uniform in color. Additionally, it features a charmeuse tweed which is known for producing extra lustrous fabric.

In the world of silk any momme in the low 20s it’s considered luxuriously high. When it comes to evaluating the quality of silk, basically thread count goes out the window and the focus turns to what’s called Momme, Momme is a unit that measures the weight and quality of silk. It says a lot about its durability and like I said its overall quality. The thing that really sets this pillowcase apart is it’s very substantial Momme of 22, it’s all coming together to make a very durable silk pillowcase.

Depending on the size you get price ranges from about 59 to 69. You get 365 days to decide whether or not it’s the right pillowcase for you. If within that time you decide you don’t like it send it on back for a refund, and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty which means if throughout the entire course of time that you own this pillowcase. It ever phrase or pills just contact Brooklinen and they’ll be promptly replaced.

Co-op Home Goods

Co-op Home Goods-pillowcases

It’s made from 100% mulberry silk and feels sumptuously smooth to the touch. The momme is a little bit lower than the pillowcase of Brooklinen at 16.5, it mean it’s gonna be a little bit thinner a little bit more delicate. When you’re working with mulberry silk you know you’re working with very high quality silk.

It’s available in cream as well and depending on the size you get price ranges from about 79 to 89, but it’s backed by a 1-year warranty.



It has 30 different designs all of which are very attractive in my opinion. Similar to the Coop Home Goods this is a little bit thinner with a little bit of a lower momme, so it might not last you as long as Brooklinen silk for example.

It ranging from 20 to 25 dollars depending on the size you get. This is still a great pillow case for a great value.

MYK Silk

MYK Silk-pillowcases

This is kind of a genius idea for sleepers on a budget, it’s got one side that’s made from 100% mulberry silk, features a nice high momme of 19, the other side that’s made from cotton. So essentially by having one side of the pillowcase made from cotton and the other side made from silk you have been basically cutting the price in half.

This silk side the super high quality it feels so nice on the skin, and it does come in a range of different styles. The part that blows my mind about this pillowcase it ranges from about 18 to 20 bucks, which is of course ideal for folks who are looking for a silk pillowcase but are not trying to break the budget.

Parachute Home


The beautiful silk pillowcases, and made from 100% crepe de Chine silk. This pillowcases feel exceptionally light and fine on the skin.

Crepe de Chine silk is created by twisting the silk yarns during the weaving process and then allowing them to untwist before the fabric is finished. This results in a delicately textured feel that’s often used in silk gowns and formal wear, which is why if this pillowcase look at sort of looks like it was part of a wedding dress. And I just think it’s stunning.

Depending on the size you get price ranges from 189 to 199, but keep in mind that your order comes with two pillowcases instead of one.

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