Best CPAP Pillow

Today I’m going to be talking to you about a product that I’ve been testing out over the last couple of nights, and that is newly designed at CPAP pillow.

I must say I have tried a number of pillows and this one is certainly been the best by a long shot, it’s very very comfortable to sleep on very very convenient. If you do have a CPAP mask as it enables you to lie on a pillow without the pillow itself affecting your face and the mass, so I found that sleeping on the edge of the pillow with curves that come in I found it much much easier to get comfortable and find a position.


With now I’ll take it through a few of the features of the pillow, and I’m why I think it’s definitely a good go to house. Maybe upgrading your pillow so that you get a better night’s sleep. It will improve the therapy you will get less mass leaks and misters less disturbances throughout the night, and when you’re going to be sleeping you know eight hours with the CPAP every night and may as well make it that’s most comfortable as possible.

It’s actually a really nice sized pillow. Some of these see that those tend to be a little bit smaller it’s going to be a little bit flatter. It has quite a nice width and it’s also quite a lovely hide. When you actually lie into it you can see your head sort of just comes into nice groove, and then because of grooves at the front you can sort of get to the front and your whole mask isn’t actually affected by the pillow.

Itself is made from like a really high density memory foam and that’s really good because if you push down with your hand, your hand just wants to lift back up, so that’s not merely for your hand out that’s actually the pillow providing that support, so when you push the head down into it the difference means a lot a nice high grade memory foam, and a low grade is that it pushes back up nicely, so it gives you that nice bit of support for your neck and then you can sleeơ with this on your back or on your side, it’s totally up to you.

If you do sleep on your back, being five inches at the front it’s a little bit tall, but it does sort of push down a bit with your weight and become sort of four inches which is that sort of perfect little level of I think.

If you do want something a little bit lower or something’s a bit flat up, you can flick it around and use this back inside, and if you like because that’s a little bit lower at the back, it’s more of about four inches at the back and a sort of compresses down to about three inches.

Another great thing that, it’s really soft to touch and they scooted sort of design helps to draw a heat from your neck and face. Generally, when you go to mask any other straps you know you get a little bit of buttons, I’m sweaty from it I certainly do and I found this to be much cooler. And the pillow itself the memory foam is like infused with gel technology, which basically also helps to regulate your body temperature. So when you’re lying on it sort of draws the heat away from your face and sort of stores it in the memory foam, and because it’s sort of this gel infused memory foam it doesn’t actually heat up as much, and that really you really didn’t notice the difference with that as well.

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